Research Programme Overview


Data has become ubiquitous and most organisations are trying to harness data to help achieve their objectives. Organisational data capabilities will strongly influence whether or not they are successful in doing that, and yet there is no generally accepted measure of data capabilities organisations can use to audit their current data capabilities and track their development over time. Similarly, there’s no generally accepted measure of organisational data capabilities that researchers can use to describe the broader data capability landscape or measure the relationship between data capabilities and organisational performance.

In light of those things, the objective of this projects are as follows.


  1. Provide participating organisations with information about where their current strengths and weaknesses are with respect to data capabilities, how those are tracking over time, and how their data capabilities compare to other organisations (by industry, country, type of organisation, etc.).
  2. Generate the data required to get a sense of the overall data capability landscape, including how organisational data capabilities vary by country, sector, organisation size, etc.
  3. Identify relationships between organisational data capabilities and context-appropriate performance outcomes.
  4. Identify barriers to the development of data capabilities (e.g. organisational structure or culture, employee education and training, etc.)

How can you and your organisation get involved?

Organisations who want to get involved can start the process by reading this organisational information sheet and signing this organisational consent form.

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Participating Researchers:

Mary Ellen Gordon

Kim McKeage